I am a mum of two very lively boys and was first introduced to babywearing by a friend when my first was only a month or two old.  My son had colic and I couldn’t put him down, I couldn’t even go to the toilet!! I started with a stretchy sling, which was fantastic.  I could could give my son constant reasurance and comfort while managing to get things done and go out without a screaming baby in tow!

I started Tag Togs in 2010 sewing stretchy slings and dribble bibs for my friends business, I then progressed to sewing a variety of items for other small local companies.

In addition I started repairing carriers, wraps and slings for my local Sling Library.  I also recieved requests from people to chop down wraps, re-hem and convert wraps to ring slings.

In 2013 I had my second son and needed a sling even more than ever as I was running my business as well as looking after a new baby.  The stretchy sling was again a lifesaver, but I needed to get my son onto my back as soon as possible so I could carry on with sewing whilst still having him near me.  This is when I developed our Bei Dai (Bay-dye), formerly know as Mei Tai. After months of research which included borrowing various carriers from my local sling library and working closely with my friend who has her own stretchy slings business, together we developed the Tag Togs Bei Dai.  I had the Bei Dai safety tested to BS EN 13209-2:2005 to ensure that it was strong enough hold a child safely.

I wanted to make the Bei Dai as affordable as possible but also make it as individual as the customer which is why I have a large range of patterned fabrics to choose from, I can also use wrap scraps to make bags and Bei Dais, or if there is a specific patterned fabric a customer wants I can try and source.

I love babywearing and have been known to ‘borrow’ one of my sisters baby twins just to use a sling and have some baby snuggles.  The advantages of carrying your child are huge.

  • It helps with the fourth trimester

  • Helps with bonding

  • Helps baby to feel safe

  • Helps the parents learn how to respond to baby’s needs

  • It is practical

  • Hands free cuddles

  • Reduces flat head syndrome

  • Helps reduce colic

  • Parents hands are free to help with other children

  • Less bulky than carrying a pram in the car.

  • Easier to get on an off public transport

Even now my youngest who is 4 still likes to come up in the Bei Dia if I give him half a chance although he is getting a bit heavy now!

I have now expanded our range to include our own style of babywearing bag and wrap conversions to Bei Dai.

If you need anymore information about what I do please get in touch either via the contact page or email amanda@tagtogs.co.uk.