Benefits of Babywearing

Before babies are born they have just spent the first 9 months of their life in the mother’s womb.  They are use to the mother’s heartbeat, motion, voice, and breathing. When they are born they emerge into this bright, loud and strange world.  By babywearing, baby is brought back close to its mother or father and back to a more comforting environment.  This benefits the baby emotionally and pyhsically.  These few months after birth are referred to as the fourth trimester.

Babywearing has many benefits for both the baby and the caregiver

  • It helps with the fourth trimester

  • Helps with bonding

  • Helps baby to feel safe

  • Helps the parents learn how to respond to baby’s needs

  • It is practical

  • Hands free cuddles

  • Reduces flat head syndrome

  • Helps reduce colic

  • Parents hands are free to help with other children

  • Less bulky than carrying a pram in the car.

  • Easier to get on an off public transport