Mei Tai carrier

100% cotton Mei Tai carrier – the perfect fabric baby sling for babies and toddlers

Buy your beautifully made 100% cotton Mei Tai carrier from Tag Togs and enjoy the benefits of babywearing with this comfortable, versatile fabric baby sling.

The Mei Tai carrier is one of the oldest types of fabric baby slings in the world, originating in China hundreds of years ago. Also know as a Bei Dai, Meh Dai, papoose, fabric sling or a baby/toddler carrier, the Mei Tai can be used for children from 9 months up to 3 years old, and is suitable for any size adult, male or female.

Our Mei Tai fabric baby slings

We have both readymade Mei Tai baby carriers and carefully crafted custom made versions for sale in our online shop.

Made from 100% woven cotton twill fabric for extra support, our Mei Tai baby and toddler carriers are designed without bulky, uncomfortable buckles that can be awkward to adjust and become damaged over time.

Readymade Mei Tai carriers are in stock and will be dispatched within 3 working days of order. For custom, made to order Mei Tais, please allow 7 working days for your order to be produced and shipped.

Our Bei Dais/Mei Tai carriers have passed safety testing to BS EN13209-2:2005.

Mei Tai carrier ordering options

Our Bei Dai/Mei Tai carrier comes in a standard size, measuring 17″ x 17″

It has a main panel which the baby is secured in, a waistband and 2 shoulder straps which secure the carrier to the wearer.

We can add a patterned accent panel on the front to customise your fabric baby sling, or we can even make them using a panel supplied by you for the ultimate in personalisation – just get in touch for more details.

The Mei Tai carrier can also be made completely reversible, with a patterned panel on both sides – a two in one carrier! We can also convert woven wraps into one of our Mei Tai carriers.

Benefits of using a Mei Tai carrier

Wondering if a Mei Tai is the right type of fabric baby sling or carrier for you? Here are a few of the benefits they offer to you and baby!

  • Long lasting – with the capacity to carry a baby from around 9 months right up to 3 years, a Mei Tai is a fantastic, cost-effective and long lasting babywearing solution!
  • Washable – no complicated laundering instructions, just stick it in the washing machine at 40 degrees. You can even put them in your drier!
  • Space saving – as a fully fabric baby sling, our Mei Tais can be folded down and stowed away in a bag, drawer or even your glove compartment for fast and easy storage.
  • Easy to use – it really doesn’t take long to get the hang of using a Mei Tai carrier. Once you’ve learned to tie it, you’ll be glad you don’t have loads of buckle adjustments to make.
  • Flexible – because the Mei Tai carrier is purely fabric, it can be adjusted to suit almost any body size or shape, which also saves you money on buying separate baby slings for mum, dad, grandparents or other helpers.

The Mei Tai carrier is a great way to stay close to your baby, build that special bond and ensure they have the right level of support – but you may also be interested in our other fabric baby slings, such as our pouch sling or Sa-be baby carrier for newborns.