Washable and reusable Face Masks

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have created our own range of face masks.

These masks are shaped and fit the face snugly therefore ensuring as few gaps as possible, they are made from 4 layers of cotton and polycotton fabric, the top (outermost) layer can be customised with a patterned fabric of your choice.  They are secured to the head with two pieces of elastic which go around the head rather than just around the ears, although we can make this way if preferred, please state this when ordering. They do not include a filter.

These masks have NOT been tested to any official standards and so we CANNOT guarantee the effectiveness of these masks, we have carried out tests ourselves, these being the candle test which it passed, but this does not guarantee the effectiveness against Coronavirus or other air born diseases/viruses.

These masks are to prevent you from passing the virus to other people and not the other way round.

When using the face masks the government guidelines for washing your hands regularly and for at least 20 seconds, do not touch your face and keeping 2m away from people who you aren’t quarantined with should be adhered to at all times.

Masks should be washed on a hot wash up to 60oC and after every use even if only used for a short amount of time, try not to touch the front of the mask and remember to wash your hands if you do.

Our face masks are £4 each or 4 for £15 and they come in 4 sizes – mens, ladies/teens, age 7-12 and age 3-6.

To order please email mail@tagtogs.co.uk or head over to our facebook page and send a message.

Please note all face masks are made to order, you will be advised of delivery time at point of placing your order, delivery times are varied depending on how many masks are currently on order.

Please get in touch if you have any questions mail@tagtogs.co.uk

To order please email  mail@tagtogs.co.uk or message us on our facebook page