Washable Wipes and Wet Bags

Gorgeous matching washable wipes and wet bag

This is our answer to reducing disposable wipes going to landfill and blocking pipes.

We have designed and developed this wet bag to have 2 waterproof pockets, one for the clean damp wipes and the other for the dirty ones, we have also included an extra pocket which could be used for nappies, creams, water spray bottle, I’m sure you will be able to find loads more uses for it, an extra pocket it always useful!!

Our matching wipes and bag range

Our wet bag is made from a waterproof fabric which we have had printed to match the wipes . The bag measures approx. 23 x 20 cm, this can also be bought alone without the wipes.

The wipes are made from our super quality jersey cotton and backed with a luxurious bamboo terry towelling measuring approx 17 x 14 cm, these are also available to buy in packs of 5’s.

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How to use your wipes

There are 2 ways you can use your wipes

The first is to wet the wipes under the tap squeeze out any excess water and then place in one of the zipped pockets, these can then be taken out as required and dirty ones can then be placed in the other zipped pocket.

The other way is to take the wipes out dry and store in one of the pockets and then wet the wipes as you need them this could be with a small spray bottle or running under the tap as you need them again the dirty ones can be placed in the other zipped pocket.

The wipes are suitable for nappy changes, cleaning dirty hands and faces, plus any other things you might use conventional disposable wipes for.

How to care for your wipes and wet bag

Once the wipes have been used we recommend washing or at least rinsing as soon as possible, if you use cloth nappies on your child the wipes can be treated in the same way as the nappies. The wipes can be washed at 40oC and occasionally 60oC if particularly dirty, we don’t recommend using a fabric softener as this can reduce the absorbency of the wipes and they shouldn’t be tumble dried.

Wet wipes should not be stored in the bag for longer than necessary as this could lead to them going mouldy and musty smelling, we recommend that the bag is emptied and either the pockets turned inside out to dry or the zips are opened to allow air to circulate and for the bag to dry out.

The wet bag should only be washed at 40oC and not tumble dried

Need a bigger wet bag or wipes?

We can make to order any size bag or wipes, please get in touch for a quote.

Please see our blog on disposable wipes v washable HERE